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What is a St Petersburg Card?

This is a sightseeing package for tourists (smart card + guidebook) providing a free pass to more than 50 museums, free or discounted admission to over 12 tours (including hop-on hop-off bus and river cruises), various special offers and discounts. Besides, St Petersburg Card is integrated with a rechargeable transport e-purse - available for use after it has been topped up.

How can I benefit from using St Petersburg Card?

St Petersburg Card is designed to offer a wide range of the city’s sightseeing opportunities to an active visitor. It is a convenient way to explore the city allowing to cut travel expenses. Moreover it provides extra bonuses such as discounts on booking hotel rooms and dining. The Card is integrated with an e-purse which can be used to pay for public transportation during the next 3 years. St Petersburg Card comes with a guidebook offering you brief descriptions of museums, tours, special offers and other useful visitor information.

How many types of the Card are there and what is the cost of each for Russian and foreign tourists?

We offer 4 types of St Petersburg Card, depending on their duration:

2-day Card (48 hours): 3200 roubles
3-day Card (72 hours): 4200 roubles
5-day Card (120 hours): 5000 roubles
7-day Card (168 hours): 5500 roubles

These prices apply for both Russian and foreign visitors from April, 20 - October, 19. The rates may change depending on the season offer.

When does the validity period start?

Validity of St Petersburg Card begins to expire since the date of activation, which is the date of your 1st tour or museum visit.

How many times do I get admission to museums and tours with the Card?

St Petersburg Card provides you with a one-time pass to museums and tours during the Card validity.

For how long will the City Tour bus ticket be valid?

The ticket for a double-decker bus City Tour is valid during 3 calendar days. You can hop on and hop off at any of the stops on the route an unlimited number of times. We recommend to check the schedule of buses on the company website.

For how long will the discounts be valid?

Discounts for hotel bookings, dining, services and leisure options will be valid up to the end of the year when St Petersburg Card is purchased. 

Can I pay for public transportation with St Petersburg Card?

Yes, St Petersburg Card is integrated with a transport e-purse, which works for all types of public transportation during 3 years after the date of purchase. It can be topped up at metro cash desks and e-terminals. Discounts available for the regular city travel card “Podorozhnik” apply for St Petersburg Card as well.

Are theatres covered by the Card?

St Petersburg Card does not provide discounts on tickets to opera & ballet theatres.
The scheme includes a Buff theatre (50% discount from April to October), offering musical drama performances in Russian.

Can I skip a queue with St Petersburg Card?

At a number of museums you present your Card at a separate ticket office marked with St Petersburg Card logo. These include ticket offices at the Lower Park in Peterhof, Russian museum, Erarta and Peter-and-Paul fortress. But the service is provided under general conditions, there is no special queue. St Petersburg Card basically represents an electronic ticket which provides convenience of cashless payments - present it at the cash desk together with the guidebook and get a free ticket to the museum.

Do I have to book the tours that I plan to visit with St Petersburg Card in advance?

In most cases (hop-on hop-off bus, daytime boat tour, canal-cruise) this is not possible and even not necessary - as tours run regularly. For some night-time boat trips and travelling to Kronshtadt and "Oreshek" fortress, prior booking is recommended by the respective tour company.

Free hydrofoil trips to Peterhof cannot be booked in advance with St Petersburg Card. As for discounted hydrofoil trips to Kronshtadt and Oreshek fortress - you can buy a ticket for a particular date in advance directly at the pier.

St Petersburg Card guidebook gives you information on starting points and schedule of the tours. However, some changes may occur due to weather conditions between seasons. During early and late navigation period we recommend to call on the given numbers for confirmation or check websites, because partners of St Petersburg Card reserve the right to introduce on-the-spot changes. 

Is Hermitage (Winter Palace) included?

Unlike most of the other top museums, Hermitage (Winter Palace) is not on the Card.

However, today St. Petersurg Card offer does include several branches of the State Hermitage museum:
Menshikov Palace
- Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory
- Hermitage Rossi (the General Staff building - free entry with the Card from October to April)

Do I get free admission to Peterhof with St Petersburg Card?

St Petersburg Card includes free admission to Peterhof Lower Park from April 23 to October 16, 2016 and free admission to the Grand Palace from October 17 until April 22, 2016. It does not apply for other museums of this complex. Besides, with St Petersburg Card you get a free one-way hydrofoil trip to Lower Park from the city centre. This service is available during navigation period.
Visit Cottage Palace in Alexandria located nearby – also free with the Card (from October 17 until April 22, 2016). 

Does Catherine Palace provide free admission with St Petersburg Card?

Yes, with the Card you get free admission to Catherine Palace from October 20 to April 30. From May 1 to October 19, St Petersburg Card provides free admission to Catherine Park.

How many people can use a free pass when entering a museum?

St Petersburg Card does not carry the name of its holder, but it is valid only for 1 person. The Card gives a one-time free pass or a discount to each museum/tour.

Is there a special Card for children?

Price of St Petersburg Card is set on the basis of adult tourist sightseeing cost. All partners of the service have their individual discount policy regarding children, students and other beneficiaries. Therefore, savings with the Card in case of a child may substantially differ depending on the individual route. Anyway, you will be able to buy tickets for your companions without St Petersburg Card in the same ticket office.

How can I purchase St Petersburg Card?

You can purchase St Petersburg Card at the operator company’s office, several hotels in the city center and in Peter and Paul fortress (more details). You can also make an online purchase and order delivery to the hotel reception, or print the voucher and pick up your cards at City Tourist Information Offices (located at Sadovaya, 14; Palace Square, Vosstaniya Square or the Pulkovo airport).

Hydrofoil ("Meteor") to Peterhof: one-way or roundtrip ticket?

St Petersburg Card provides a one-way free ticket to Peterhof due to the following reasons: the pier where hydrofoils arrive and depart is located in the Lower Park. To get to the Upper Gardens you have to exit the turnstiles. Therefore a roundtrip hydrofoil ticket prevents you from visiting the Upper Gardens, without having to enter the Lower Park twice.

A one-way ticket can be used in both directions (from and to Saint Petersburg), while for the second trip you can take a bus or a mini-bus which gets you to one of the metro stations in St. Petersburg (please see our guidebook for the recommended routes).

Is it possible to visit boat tours included in St. Petersburg Card in October?

Availability of all boat tours included in the Card offer strictly depends on the weather conditions. Since weather in St. Petersburg is very changeable, boat companies rarely have a certain end-navigation date in advance. If the weather does not allow the passengers to be warm, safe and comfortable on board, a tour will be cancelled.

Usually October still allows navigation, and a lot of companies continue providing tours. But, unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantees in this case. Please consider that the cost of St. Petersburg Card will not be refunded if these options are not available due to force majeure circumstances.

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