A new record at the Gulf of Finland


On June 21, 2018 Evgeny Nikitin, a triathlete from St. Petersburg, covered the 25 km distance from the Park of 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg to Kronshtadt and set a new record. 6 hours and 58 minutes – that was the time the athlete needed, although he had previously estimated this distance as 8 hours’ swimming.

The triumphal swim was training in preparation for the main event of the year in triathlon world - Enduroman A2A contest. As early as in July 2018 Evgeny Nikitin is taking part in the world's most difficult ultratriatlon race - from the Marble Arch in London to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris with the total length of 476 km. It includes a 140 km run from London to Dover, a marathon swim through the Channel (36 km) and a 300 km cycle race from Calais to the Champs Elysees.

This training was a test not only for Eugene, but also for his team that accompanied him on board the ship and monitored his safety and nutrition. Every half an hour the athlete was given nutritious carbohydrate and protein drinks in bottles tied with a rope so that they could be pulled back on board. There also were more usual delicacies: bananas and sausages that the team had planned to serve on a special fishing rod but that was not needed. However, the team could not give rest to the triathlete: according to the international rules of open water swimming, touching the ship and other solid floating objects as well as walking on the bottom of shallow areas are forbidden for the swimmer.

Evgeny is at the top form and is already preparing for the race that is going to be held from 14 to 21 July 2018 and starts in London. The athlete aims at becoming the first Russian to hit this most difficult distance but he keeps calm and is determined to win like a fearless traveller and discoverer.

Symbolical is the race itself as it connects the homeland of organized tourism with its modern capital - Paris.

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