Theatre history pieces of art in Sheremetev Palace


Theatre history pieces of art in Sheremetev Palace

In 2018, the St. Petersburg Museum of Theatrical and Musical Art celebrates a double anniversary: ​​100 + 10 years. On this occasion, the "100 + 10" exhibition to be open from September 20, 2018 to January 23, 2019. The museum will show the most outstanding acquisitions and gifts received during the latest decade from 2008 to 2018. The masterpieces by Bakst, Dobuzhinsky and Benois, the complete collection of costumes created by Pierre Cardin for Maya Plisetskaya as well as the costumes, pointe-shoes and photos of modern ballet stars and many other priceless exhibits to be demonstrated for the first time. The "100 + 10" exhibition has been organized by Uwe Brückner (Atelier Brückner), a German designer with support of PRO ARTE Foundation and the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture in the framework of the 3rd St. Petersburg Museum Design Biennale.

The exhibition opens in Sheremetev Palace - the Museum of Music (34 Fontanka River Embankment).

Bakst, Benois, Lifar and Mukhina

The latest decade has become especially fruitful for the holdings of the St. Petersburg Museum of Theatrical and Musical Art.  From now on, the museum can showcase the Russian scenic design of the XX century in a fuller and more holistic way. The October Revolution of 1917, as is the case with the Berlin Wall, divided art, painting, literature and the life itself. But now we can trace the creative work of our greatest artists - Alexander Benois, Léon Bakst, Natalia Goncharova and many others in its entirety - with no gaps between the domestic and foreign periods.

The key role in the restoration of the ties severed 100 years ago is played by the famous theatrical and decorative art collection of Nina and Nikita Lobanov-Rostovsky (800+ items) donated to the museum by "Konstantinovsky" International Fund in 2013, as well as the gifts from the personal collection of Nina Lobanova-Rostovskaya: masterpieces by Bakst, Dobuzhinsky, Benois, Sudeikin and Goncharova, the greatest masters of the Russian art of the early XX century.

Deep layers of the Russian ballet history were revealed abroad thanks to Serge Lifar’s archive with the dancer’s drawings, hand-written materials and photographs, as well as the gift from Elena and Igor Klimenkov – a large foreign archive of Illaria Ladre, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Ballet School who danced Colonel de Basile in the Ballet of Monte Carlo and created her own ballet school in Seattle. The museum holdings have regained the theatrical artworks by the famous artists who did not work in Petrograd-Leningrad: Vera Mukhina, Alexandra Exter, Lyubov Popova and others.

Costumes of the Imperial Theatres, Lopatkina’s and Vishneva’s pointe-shoes, costumes for Plisetskaya

A special subject of the exhibition is a replenishment of the costumes collection whose basis is the legendary Imperial Theatre wardrobe. For the first time, the museum to present a collection of costumes for the famous Leningrad and Moscow drama performances of 1970s and 1980s, a collection of pointe-shoes of brilliant modern ballerinas from Alessandra Ferry to Ulyana Lopatkina and Diana Vishneva, a full collection of Maya Plisetskaya’s onstage dresses designed by Pierre Cardin - they were gradually donated to the museum by Maya Mikhailovna and Rodion Shchedrin themselves.

From the street organ to the violin

The exhibition to include new historical materials of Sheremetev Estate "golden age". The latest acquisitions of the musical instrument’s collection - from the Odessa street organ dated 1900s to the violin made by a 18th century St. Petersburg craftsman – to be presented at the exhibition together with contemporary theater artists’ pictorial and graphical works.

What to expect from the exhibition

It is easier to say what "100 + 10" exhibition is not going to feature - mediocrity, minor works, random items. By far not all of the subjects and names presented in the exposition sound familiar to the general public - but, as we know, there are no big and small names in the history of theatre and music. Each of them is priceless, each humble document can lead to one or another bright event, and all of them together create the building of Culture that the Museum of Theatrical and Musical Art is designed to build and keep.

An extensive "100 + 10" album has been released by the anniversary of the Museum. The album contains not only the masterpieces of the similarly-named exhibition, but also the chronicle of the latest museum life decade (2008-2018), biographical sketches about the directors of the Museum of Theatrical and Musical Art throughout its entire hundred-year history.

The museum expresses gratitude for the full support of the exhibition and other anniversary projects to "Baltic Leasing" company, Hotel Ambassador and to its information partners: "St. Petersburg" TV channel, "" magazine, Rosbalt News Agency and St.Petersburg Card tourist portal.