Art Night in St. Petersburg 2019


Art Night in St. Petersburg 2019

St Petersburg museums, big and small, open their doors to visitors in the evening and remain open late into the night, as well as prepare a special program: one-day exhibitions, concerts, performances, author tours, workshops, historical reconstructions.

Museum Night is an international event that takes place annually in 42 European countries. Nearly 2,000 museums 'do not sleep' once a year, opening their doors to all who are interested to see a museum in an unusual time of the day.

In 2019 Museum Night in St Petersburg lasts from 6 pm on 18 May till 6 am on 19 May. Some museums have prepared an evening program (from 6 pm till 11 pm) for those who want to go to bed earlier. Night program museums (open from 6 pm till 6 am) invite those who are ready for a long night walk in St Petersburg.

See the program at the Museum Night's official site.