“Atys. Opera for the King” in the Hermitage Theatre


“Atys. Opera for the King” in the Hermitage Theatre

The XXII St. Petersburg EARLYMUSIC International Festival


Jean-Baptiste Lully "Atys. Opera for the King"
October 8 and 9, 2019, 19.00
The Hermitage Theatre (34, Dvortsovaya emb.)

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On October 8 and 9 at 19.00 the Hermitage Theatre will become the venue for the key EARLYMUSIC festival premiere — a lyric tragedy by Jean-Baptiste Lully "Atys. Opera for the King". Russian vocalists and instrumentalists are going to trespass on the most difficult early music style — French Baroque. French theatre language and baroque gesture of the 17th century are mastered under the guidance of Thierry Peteau (France), the famous Baroque actor and singer.

"Atys" was the first work by Jean-Baptiste Lully, a son of a French miller who had become a king Louis XIV favourite, a court composer and the lord of the French music scene in the new genre. Lully regarded the French language inappropriate for opera, but he changed his mind and the genre itself. His His tragédie en musique or tragédie lyrique became as close as possible to the drama ideal of the French classic style.

"Atys" was shown to Louis XIV in Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye and later in Palais Royale to the Paris common public in 1676. In 1987, 300 years later, William Christie put Atys on stage together with Les Arts Florissants orchestra and a team of great soloists, stage managers, costume designers etc. The staging was as close to the French theatre style of the 17th century as one could imagine. The show and its video versiob got across the footlights and influenced immensely the whole world of the historical performance. In 2011 the stage play was resumed (and improved). In 2019 a new company steps into the dialogue of two perfect Atyses: the original and the reconstructed. Atys of St. Petersburg is not going to replace or put them into shade, it is deemed to take a special place in the row.

The performance of the EARLYMUSIC festival is called "Atys. Opera for the King". The director made some reductions: for example, the ballet divertissement is not included. The team focuses on the authentic French dance language of the 17th century and strictly follows the theatre gesture and setting of le Roi de Soleil times. These key elements staged by Thierry Peteau will shed new light on the most known score of Jean-Baptiste Lully, invite the audience to listen more carefully to the underestimated drama by Philippe Quinault

Director: Thierry Peteau. 
Assistants: Andrei Reshetin, Daniil Vedernikov, Andrey Penyugin.
Performing: Boris Stepanov, Anastasia Bondareva, Vera Chekanova, Ilya Mazurov, Yulia Hotai, Vitaly Sobolev, Alexander Nazemtzev, Thierry Peteau, Soloists of Catherine the Great, the St. Petersburg Ballet of Angiolini