Epiphany Day diving


Epiphany Day diving

One of the most significant and expected events in the Orthodox world!

January, 19th is the Day of Epiphany. By Tradition on this day, thousands of people dive into the holy water making ablution. Citizens and guests of St. Petersburg will be able to participate in the ablution under the walls of the Peter and Paul's Fortress, where the main font basin of the city is going to be found.

From 10 am and until midnight on the Neva basin, all the Christians will be able to commit the sacrament of ablution. The Waters of the delubrum will be blessed by Varsonofy, Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga at noon on January, 19. Warm tents will be installed for those who will bathe.

In addition, residents and guests of the city will be able to participate in competitions, games and watch a live program featuring the creative collectives of the city.