Cat Day on August 8


Cat Day on August 8

In 2002 the International Fund for Animal Welfare approved August 8 to be the International Cat Day. This day is special for the CatCultural Capital.

Hermitage Cats

Cats are much cared for and respected in Saint Petersburg. There are some who are honored and admired exceptionally — the Hemitage Cats. These world cultural heritage guardians have been living in the Winter Palace since the 18th century. During the rule of Catherine the Great, who founded the Hermitage, they gained the status of "the art gallery protectors". Today the long-tailed guardians are not welcome in the exhibition halls and inhabit "the big cat basement", where they keep serving in good conditions. 

Republican Cats and foolball

If the number of cat tails in the Hermitage basement exceeds the limet of 50 or one of them is nearing retirement, lady cats and he-cats are put in good hands or moved to the Cats Republic cat cafe. The most widely known "republican's name is Aсhill, an fortune teller cat from the Hermitage who was proclaimed the most well-known animal media personality in Russia for two consecutive years. Aсhill is a second generation Hermitage cat and a football oracle. He was the one to be addressed to in case you would want to know the results of the games of the Confederations Cup 2017 and FIFA World Cup 2018 that were held in St. Petersburg and other cities. 

Achill in front of the Manege exhibition hall and with St. Petersburg Card general director Nikolai Dmitriev

Stroke the cat

Where's that place to connect with the catculture? It's the above-mentioned cat cafe at two dorections: 10 ulitsa Yakubovicha (next to St. Isaac's Cathedral) or 60 Liteyny prospekt. These are the places to stroke a cat by mutual agreement, to have yourself a cup of coffee or a catsouvenir. Or - better - to choose a friend and apply for an aCATtion. For instance, Metro has recently published an article about a Hermtage cat Nikolai who now lives in the Finnish organ player Kimmo Puunen in the town of Lahti. Nikolai was called after the ultimate Russian emperor and now feels quite free in a new house and in the company of two other cats called after Emperor Pavel I and Prince Vladimir the Great. Any person can legitimate a cat. If you're ready, send your inquiry to