Course of lectures «Paris in Modigliani's era»


Картинки по запросу модильяни

Lecturers will discuss the Russian emigre impact on European art, prominent art collectors of the first third of the XX century, Parisian modernism influence on Russian painters, and lifestyle of  Montparnasse bohemians.

Lectures schedule:
01.02 - Ludmila Ryabova's lecture Russian Emigre in France: Interaction of Cultures
08.02 - Yulia Harutyunyan's lecture Formation of collections of contemporary art in Paris in 1910-1920
15.02 - Olga Horoshilova's lecture Fashion and artists of Montparnasse
22.02 - Olga Horoshilova's lecture Paris Nightlife of the Modigliani era
01.03 - Ilya Doronchenkov's lecture Modernism in Paris: A View from Russia. 1900-1920