Eleanore Lyons in Putilov Mansion


Eleanore Lyons in Putilov Mansion

Artistic director of the festival — Honoured Artist Of Russia Maria Safaryants
& Putilov Mansion


Eleanor Lyons
August 15, 2019, Putilov mansion (2Б Dinamo prospect)

Ladies in evening gowns, the atmosphere of a high-society party, talk of art and fashion, wine and fruit, acquaintance with the history of the mysterious mansion, which previously belonged to the noble family Putilov’s. In the center of the magical evening will perform the pearl of the world opera stage Eleanor Lyons.

According to the idea of the evening, guests meet in the mansion, which is located on the banks of the Neva River, in the eastern part of Krestovsky Island, then ascend the luxurious stairs, pass to the main hall, where they are waited by a glass of champagne, and then a short walk to view elegant stucco, crystal chandeliers and other elements of the decoration of rooms with elements of modern Greek style, and learn something new about the interrelationships of the early twentieth century architecture and music.

St. Petersburg Card news: Eleanore Lyons gives a concert

The long-awaited concert will be composed by arias from the best works of Mozart, Prokofiev, Rachmaninov, designed to warm and feel the mood of an elusive summer performed by the beautiful Eleanor, whose brilliant soprano is heard by the whole world of classical music.

The highest culture and performance style, the exciting beauty of the Australian prima allow her to shine on the stage of the Vienna Opera, and a few years ago, fate brought her victory and recognition at the International Competition of Young Opera Singers Elena Obraztsova.

The brilliant Petersburg pianist and laureate of international competitions, accompanist — Stanislav Soloviev will perform the piano part this evening. He performs with such stars as Sergei Slovachevsky (cello), Galina Sidorenko(mezzo-soprano), Mikhail Svetlov (bass) and many others.

This is the case when the singer has managed to get a high mark from luminaries and love of the opera audience. The title of «truly Mozart singer», which was recognized by sophisticated critics, means in fact not only exceptional vocal abilities, but also talent to correspond to the unrivaled canon of the Vienna Opera.

Eleanor Lyons is an infrequent guest in Russia, she often performs for the audience in Vienna, the Sydney Opera House, on the opera stages and concert halls in Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, on the best venues in New York, Tokyo.

In connection with her arrival, we are talking about an incredible luxury, which should be used — namely, a precious opportunity for a true connoisseur in the setting of the mansion, to feel at a short distance the universal and all-consuming power of the impact of vocal art.

The Protocol of the evening:

Welcome-drink at 18:45
Excursion at 19:00
The concert starts at 20:15
Buffet table at 21:30 (Available for VIP ticket holders)


Eleanor Lyons (soprano, Australia)
Stanislav Soloviev (piano)


Mozart, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff

For guests of the evening parking is available for 30 cars and its own pier for water transport.