Exhibition "Academy of the three most famous arts" - 260 years


The Russian Academy of Arts is preparing for the anniversary date - 260 years since the foundation. The Academy dates back to 1757, when it was called the Imperial Academy. It was created by Ivan Shuvalov, Mikhail Lomonosov. Founded 260 years ago, the Russian Academy of Arts until the beginning of the XX century was the only higher educational institution in our country.  But her work was not limited to education alone. Under one roof in a historic building, built in 1764 by the Wallen-Delamot project, there are: a museum, a library, an archive, a mosaic workshop. In one of the first and most remarkable buildings of St. Petersburg, exhibition projects are being created, cultural forums and scientific conferences are held.
The jubilee exhibition is for the first time devoted to the history of the building of the Academy of Arts. The exposition of the exhibition reflects the history of the construction of the building, starting from the first days of its foundation. For the first time in such a volume it will be possible to see plans and projects of the interiors of the building - pre-revolutionary and Soviet period. The design of the building of the Academy of Arts was attended by the best Russian architects - KA. Tone, A.I. Rezanov, D.I. Grimm, V.A. Kenel, F.I. Eppinger, L.N. Benois and others. The center of the exposition will be the design model of the building of the Academy of Arts, first introduced after the restoration. Equally interesting is the model of the Minerva sculpture, installed on the dome of the building of the Academy of Arts. The exhibition will present the Charter and Privileges granted to the Academy by Catherine II, historical books dedicated to the history of the Academy, as well as archival photographs.