Exhibition "Catherine the Great in Russia and Beyond"


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Guests of the exhibition will see the ceremonial portraits of Catherine the Great and her contemporaries painted by such artists as Ivan Argunov, Dmitry Levitsky, Fedor Rokotov, Stefano Torelli, Johann Baptist Lumpy Sr., Josef Kreizinger, Salvatore Tonci and others. The exhibition features sculptural portraits by Fedor Shubin, Jacopo Monaldi and others. Works of special interest  the allegorical paintings and sculptures that represent the empress in the image of the Roman goddess Minerva, warrior and patroness of the arts.

The Empress often traveled through Russia: the places she has visited are depicted in the landscapes of Mikhail Ivanov (the Old Crimea) and Fedor Alekseev (views of Bakhchisaray and Nikolaev). The era of Catherine the Great was rich in military events. Mikhail Ivanov made a serie of battle paintings. Jacob Philippe Hackert painted battle at Chesma.