Exhibition "Handsome man" in the Sheremetev Palace


The opening of the exhibition Handsome man. Russian dandy at the theater will take place at the Museum of Music of the Sheremetev Palace on April, 4 at 16.00 The exhibition will run from April, 5 to July, 2.

The project of the St. Petersburg Museum of Theater and Music is dedicated to the phenomenon of male fashion in Russia, the famous dandies of Russian theater of the late 18th and early 20th centuries. This project inherited the theme, name and a significant part of the exhibits of the exhibition of the State Historical Museum, which was brilliantly held in Moscow in 2017. However, the new concept dictates significant differences in the scope of the exposition: the Museum of Theater and Music explores not so much the male fashion of everyday life as its reflection on the stage, its influence on the theatrical language.