Exhibition "Tradition and Fashion: National Costume of the Peoples of the Land of Soviets"


From November 3, 2017 to January 31, 2018, the Russian Ethnographic Museum will host an exhibition "Tradition and Fashion: The National Costume of the Peoples of the Land of Soviets." She is called upon to answer the questions, when and by whom were the costumes invented, which became visible symbols of the ethno-cultural diversity of the USSR in the second half of the 20th century? Which features of the costume as a result of the stylization or generalization of the ethnographic authentic prototype became indicators of its nationality?

The exhibition presents costumes and accessories that, as a result of the interpretation of ethnographic samples by designers, designers, leaders of folklore ensembles, national intelligentsia, have become an easily recognizable symbol of one or another nationality.

One of the most representative sections of the exhibition is devoted to the production of models' houses, the discovery of which in the large cities of the USSR occurred in the 1950s. Artists of models' houses in their work actively used ethnographic motifs that played a big role in designing the "folklore style" in clothes. In addition, at the exhibition you can see scenic costumes, specially made for participants of folklore ensembles, representing the song traditions of the peoples of the USSR.

A special place at the exhibition is occupied by a section that represents the products of republican factories and combines, which included professional designers and designers who developed new forms and ornamental solutions for suits taking into account climatic conditions, cultural preferences of local people and fashion trends.  Also at the exhibition you can see works of small artels, ateliers, folk artists who sewed costumes with national motives in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Existing in different functional versions, whether it is a stage costume or a wedding outfit or a model for a fashion show, or clothes for official events, the national costume always reflects the stereotypes of ethnic ethnicity oriented in the external observer in such characteristics of clothing as ornament, cut, silhouette, material and colors.