The Imperial Bouquet Festival opens in Pavlovsk


On July 21 and 22, the Festival of Floral and Landscape Art "The Imperial Bouquet" is held at State museum-preserve “Pavlovsk”. It is a continuations of a long tradition to decorate Pavlovsk Park with beautiful flowers started by its first owner Empress Maria Feodorovna.

The festival will be held in the format of the park promenade. Its main theme is "Les belles vues - Les fleurs magiques" ("Beautiful views - Magic Flowers").

A grand fete will take place on the Parade grounds, the Italian staircase, in the Pink Pavilion and in many other parts of the park. On the main venues concerts and theatrical performances will be held. Visitors will be greeted by actors dressed as floral spirits, nymphs and fauns, Apollo, Muse and Italian forest spirits. Lots of surplices await the guests of the festival. The main one of them is a stage with a panoramic view of the Palace on the bank of the river Slavyanka, where performances by famous St. Petersburg musicians will take place.