The exhibition "Porcelain suburbs of St. Petersburg" will open in Peterhof


On July 20, Friday, the Grand Palace of Peterhof will host the grand opening of the exhibition "Porcelain suburbs of St. Petersburg", organized by State Museum Reserve Peterhof in cooperation with the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the museum life of the imperial residences of Peterhof, Tsarskoe Selo, Pavlovsk and Gatchina. More than 300 works created by the masters of the Imperial Porcelain Factory from the 18th century to the present day will be presented to the public.

As part of the opening ceremony, the Imperial Porcelain Factory will present Peterhof with a unique gift – a pedestal to the historical vase of Alexander I era under the name of "The Gossip Girls".