Geography and biography. Does the place of life affect the fate of man and is it true that the islanders are special people living in a special place. What is special about it? Try to be there on a white night: the bridges are divorced, and you stay with the island alone. And in the morning the bridges will again connect Vasilievsky with the whole city.

Therefore, the bridge is both a symbol and part of the exposition. To be on the island, you need to cross the Neva Bridge, drawn by the students of the Art School "On Vasilievsky."
Traveling along the "lines" and "avenues", you can read poetic and prosaic quotes about Vasilievsky Island directly on the window panes. Outside the windows are visible faces of its inhabitants. For example, "Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin himself did not live in a pine forest, but in the 5th line of the VO". And next to Alexander Blok, Tanya Savicheva, Dmitry Shagin, or Yuri Shevchuk, you may be your familiar islander.
Specially for the project, a film was created in which the islanders talk about themselves and their island.