Lion, owl and soapstone


A new family exhibition will be dedicated to St. Petersburg facades and decorative sculpture on them. Owls and dragons, griffins and lions, peacocks and unseen fish - it turns out that there are many more creatures in our city than we notice! All of them are hiding in their homes and are just waiting for an excuse to get to know us - ordinary passers-by - closer.
In the former sculptural workshop a whole city will grow up. Here you can listen to what gorgon Medusa gossip about, and look at the city through the eyes of a lion, witness a "bird's battle" between representatives of two decent houses, try to answer the questions of the Sphinx and learn the story of a happy return to the roof of an owl.
Where in St. Petersburg are lined up as many as 14 sphinxes? Why was Atlant condemned to keep the firmament? And what is the touch of the soapstone? Museum staff offer to move with the city "to you," to look more closely at home, by which we walk every day, hear their stories and come up with their own.
The museum will feature art objects created by sculptors and artists specially for the exhibition, there will be game tasks and a video-mapping zone. Visitors will also have the opportunity to look at the face of the sculpture, which is usually at an inaccessible height - an honorable place in the hall will be a full-sized model of a sphinx from one of the houses.
The exhibition will last until June 2018. It will include master classes on clay molding, molding and casting from gypsum, restoration of urban sculpture, as well as various events.