New Russian contempororary art exhibition of A. Zadorin


New Russian contempororary art exhibition of A. Zadorin

Alexander Zadorin "Exaggerations"

16 April – 2 June, 2019

Alexander Zadorin (1941 — 2006) is known in the history of St. Petersburg art for his talent and brilliant versatility. The retrospective exhibition at the Museum of St. Petersburg 20th and 21st Century Art, for the first time, represents his legacy, thus rescuing the master’s name from oblivion.

The very title of the exhibition reflects the most important traits of Zadorin’s artistic temperament, his powerful vitality, creative energy and the love of freedom. One can see it clearly in his productions in different techniques and materials. Everywhere, in sculpture and works of decorative and applied art, painting and drawing, he was able to achieve perfection and retain his unmistakable identity.

Most glaringly, Zadorin’s talent manifests itself in ceramics, demonstrating great vivacity of ideas and expression typical of the artist, most daringly transforming vases and vessels into portraits, still lifes and even landscapes and combining individual details into genre sculptures and installations. It is Zadorin’s sculptural compositions that demonstrate, most vividly, his inclination towards theatricality.

As clearly, Zadorin’s striving for creative freedom manifests itself in painting and graphic art, with similar transformations and combinations of motifs, in which love occupies a special place. According to Zadorin, it is omnipresent; in his interpretation, it is fraught with humor. Love contributes to the artist’s better and more profound understanding of the world. To him, characters of classical mythology and the Bible are as familiar as his contemporaries sitting in a bar, playing jazz or bicycling.. Really surprising is Zadorin’s ability to see, in history and the present day, situations demonstrating similarity of human attitudes. This quality places him on a par with greatest masters of past epochs. Zadoring belongs to that rare kind of universally gifted artists who, at all times, have shared with the spectators the joy of unlimited freedom art gives us.

The present exhibition has ca. 150 works, including paintings, drawings, ceramics and installations.

Zadorin’s works are in the Tretyakov Gallery, State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, All-Russia Muzeum of Decorative and Applied Arts, ‘Tsaritsino’ State Museum-Reserve, State Pottery Museum, Kuskovo Manor-Museum of the Eighteenth-Century, Art Museum of Omsk Province, etc