Museum Line. A new walking route


Museum Line. A new walking route

On June 4 июня the boulevard along ulitsa Yakubovicha next to Manege became a venue of a new city project "Museum Line". The gala opening ceremony was started by vice governor of St. Petersburg Sergey Knyagin, Committee for Tourism Developer chairman Evgeny Pankevich, Manege central exhibition hall director Pavel Prigara, project initiator Anna Yalova, artists, jourmalists and ordinary citizens. 

Museum Line is a part of a project "New Cultural Geofraphy" that is deemed to unite all parts of the current cultural process: museums, areas of interest and new locations — and mark them on the city map.

The first stage of the project is presented at the part of ulitsa Yakubovicha along Manege. Later it will proceed to Konnogvardeysku blvd, across Aleksandrovsky sad and Millionnaya ulitsa thus maing a museum walking route that unites the Hermitage, Marble Palace (Russian Museum) and Manege. 

Five statues and reliefs by Dmitry Kavarga, together called as "Antropocentrism Toxicosis", were presented at ulitsa Yakubovicha's boulevard. The series of sculptures represent the artist's reflections of the nature of people's population. Kavarga works with a big number of polymeric materials and created large-scale garden sculptures and small-scale detailed compositions. General public is free to see the works till September 10, 2019.

The exhibitions of "New Cultural Geography" were prepared by the curatorial team of Manege (Anna Yalova), National Centre for Contemporary Arts, St. Petersburg branch (Anna Zavediy) and Sparta Curatorial Agency (Liza Savina).