My love. The creation of the film. Exhibition of Alexander Petrov


Material for the exhibition "My Love. Creation of the film "were" shots "from the animated film" My Love ", the author of the script, the director and artist of which became Alexander Petrov.
He created the picture according to the novel by Ivan Shmelev (1873-1950) "A Love Story". One of the most lyrical of his works, the Russian writer composed in emigration, in France, where he was from 1923. The novel offers the reader a heartfelt story of the first love, the search for happiness, the struggle of light and darkness, purity and sin. This story, Alexander Petrov transmits on the screen painting, which, along with other advantages of the picture, was awarded numerous awards of Russian and international film festivals.
In the animation, Alexander Petrov turns to non-traditional technology and technology - he works on the glass not with a brush or palette knife, but with his hand. In each stroke, in each line, placed on the plane with fingers or touching the palm of the hand, the artist embodies the subtle nuances of meaning coming from within.
At the exhibition in the Erart museum, the viewer will see both the film "My Love" and the selected paintings of Alexander Petrov, from which the film was composed in due time.