Paul I and Suvorov. An exhibition in Gatchina Palace


Paul I and Suvorov. An exhibition in Gatchina Palace

The temporary exhibition "Paul I and Suvorov", dedicated to the anniversary of the Swiss campaign headed by Suvorov in 1799.

A joint exhibition of the Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum and the State Memorial Museum of Aleksander Suvorov is devoted to the complicated relationship between the brilliant Russian generalissimo and the Russian Emperor.

The exhibition is open in Gatchina Palace from October 17, 2019 to February 23, 2020.

More than 200 exhibits from the collections of the Gatchina Palace and St. Petersburg museums are on display in the exhibition rooms.

Among the objects are paintings and graphic art, military suits and weapons.

In Russian history it’s commonly believed that Paul I, eccentric Emperor, was totally guilty of not easy relations and constant conflicts with very experienced in art of war, genius and famous Aleksander Suvorov.

The authors of the exhibition "Paul I and Suvorov" aim to characterize the links between these two great leaders in a more balanced way. Visitors are welcome to get their own impression of two extraordinary strong-willed persons.