Permanent exhibition "Gatchina Navy Midshipmen"


The history of Gatchina, since the XVIII century, has always been associated with the military history of the country. Over the course of two centuries, a large part of its population was made of officers, stationed in the city - cavalry, artillery, jaeger, aviation. There were sailors in Gatchina, which was far from the seacoast - the Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich's Gatchina troops included a small flotilla; there was a naval command under Emperor Alexander III.

The sailors got back to Gatchina in Soviet times. After the Great Patriotic War the fleet needed access to the World Ocean. This posed fundamentally new tasks for hydrography and required the inflow of new young personnel to the army and science. In June 1951, after  the Deputy Minister of the Navy visited Gatchina, it was decided to place a naval school in the Gatchina Palace.

The postwar history of the palace has been little studied before the opening of the museum in 1985. Today it is possible to touch this little-known topic , remembering times, when the palace building was first given to Hydrographic (1952-54), then to the Naval Engineering College (VSMIRTU). Cadets were trained in the palace until 1960.

Photo: State Museum Gatchina.