Exhibition "Under the lamp"


Elena Guro was distinguished by a special, only her perception of the world and the manner of creativity. The peculiarity of its pictorial language evolved under the influence of impressionism, modernity and primitivism. The main theme of Gouraud's literary and pictorial works was nature, in which she peered closely and sympathetically, regarding the observation and study of her hidden properties as one of the artist's main tasks. Early death interrupted the creative search for Guro. She died of leukemia at 36 years old. The exhibition in the Museum of the St. Petersburg Avant-Garde, prepared in conjunction with the gallery "July 12" presents paintings, sculptures and objects of 19 artists, whose work is consonant with the traditions of the organic direction of the Russian avant-garde. The works of Vera Arev, Larisa Astrein, Sergei Borisov, Yuri Gobanov, Alexei Gostintsev, Elena Gritsenko, Gennady Zubkov, Vladimir Igumnov, Nikolay Kiselyov, Alexander Kozhin, Alexander Maslov, Olga Moiseeva, Grigory Molchanov, Yevgeny Nikandrov, Alexander Nosov, Alexandra Povarova, Alexandra Pozin, Marina Spivak, Mikhail Tserush showcase the modern interpretation of the questions of form-building and spatial-color interaction, characteristic for artistic searches of representatives about organizational school of the early twentieth century.

The exhibition will be held until February 22, 2018.