Presentation of tabletop quest game "Walk along Peter and Paul Fortress"


Картинки по запросу петропавловская крепость бесплатные фото

Presentation of the tabletop quest game "A Great Walk along the Hare Island and the Peter and Paul Fortress" will take place in the conference hall of the Ioanovsk Ravelin of the Peter and Paul Fortress on April, 3 at 3 pm. The event will also highlight a new museum and pedagogical project of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg.

Players will get acquainted with the famous architectural monuments located on the territory of the Hare Island, learn about its secrets and legends, know about the stories connected with the prisoners of the serf prison and many other things. Participants of the quest will be using transportation of different epochs - a cab, a boat and a car. Winners will receive a medal similar to the one used at St. Petersburg gymnasiums.

The board game includes a puzzle field, cards with questions, chips, transport models (car, cab, boat) and a dice.

At the presentation, everyone will be able to buy a game.