Pushkin's St. Petersburg: Where to go?


Today the 219th anniversary of the birthday of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin – famous poet, prose writer, playwright, publicist, critic and creator of the Russian literary language – is celebrated. The whole life of the poet was closely intertwined with the city on the Neva river. With St. Petersburg Card you can visit the most interesting places associated with his name and mentally rove back to the great era – to the Golden Age of Russian literature.
Alexander Pushkin Literary Exhibition
Alexander Pushkin Lyceum Museum
Pushkin House – Institute of Russian Literature
In honor of the birthday of the great poet a lot of interesting events will be held in the city.
Today excursions dedicated to the life and creative work of the poet are organized at the Museum-apartment of A.S. Pushkin on the Moika River Embankment, 12.
Theatre and cinema
Play "To Save the Junker Pushkin" based on the novel by Mikhail Kheifets is performed in the Pushkin House of Culture in Pushkin on Naberezhnaya Street, 14. Beginning at 19.00. At the Avangard cinema in Pushkin you can watch cartoons based on the poet's fairytales.
Laying on flowers
According to the established tradition, the townspeople will lay flowers to the monument of Pushkin in the Lyceum Garden, to the obelisk in the place of Pushkin's duel that led to his death, to the art object "Pushkin has left" on the Savushkina street, 1, as well as to the sculptures located in the vestibules of the metro stations "Black River" and "Pushkinskaya".
Petersburg is well-known as the cultural capital of Russia – many outstanding poets and prose writers lived and worked in the city. In addition to monuments and museums dedicated to Alexander Pushkin, you can also visit the Guest Card with:
Derzhavin Estate Museum
Anna Akhmatova Museum
Alexander Blok Museum
Nekrasov Apartment Museum
Dostoevsky Museum