Maslenitsa, a folk festival of spring greeting in The Shed museum


Maslenitsa, a folk festival of spring greeting in The Shed museum

2020 is rich both with famous people’s anniversaries and with the anniversaries of various historical events. That is the reason why we called the upcoming holiday “Anniversary Maslenitsa”.

On February 29 from 12.00 to 14.00 in the Historical cultural museum complex in Razliv you will be able to see a large anniversary table with a quest game on it and a jubilee himself at the table.

The Maslenitsa festivities will be accompanied by traditional khorovods, games, songs. Everyone will be able to participate in Master classes on creation of Maslenitsa dolls and anniversary medals for children. You will enjoy hot tea from real wood Russian samovars, and of course, pancakes (blini), which are thought to be the main symbol of Maslenitsa. An amusing cook will teach little guests to cook pancakes.

At the end of the holiday, everyone will take part in the burning of the Maslenitsa doll, which is an art object in the form of the Phoenix Bird.

Welcome to the Saint-Petersburg state budget institution of culture «Historical cultural museum complex in Razliv» on February 29, from 12.00 to 14.00. You will get both to the traditional Russian holiday of Maslenitsa, and to a fun and cognitive event, which our museum has been famous for for a few years already.

Address: St. Petersburg, Sestroretsk, Razliv, Emelyanova Str., 3