River carnival, a fest at the water arterias


River carnival, a fest at the water arterias

St. Petersburg was famous for its carnivals and masquerades in the first years after its foundation. The city invites us to the feast on August 12, 2018 referring to that beautiful tradition.

13:00: gala opening ceremony of carnival. For the beginning of the holiday, Count "River-Carnival" with his retinue arrives. The main site of the event will be a section of the Moika River between the Mikhailovsky Garden and the Champ de Mars. The program of the carnival procession of the courts will be attended by the administrations of 18 districts of St. Petersburg. Winners will be determined by a competent jury consisting of leading figures of culture, sports and tourism of St. Petersburg.

The audience will be located on the Moika Embankment. For their convenience, a live broadcast of the carnival procession will be conducted. In addition, the embankment provides a lot of creative activity (an exhibition with information about river cruises starting in St. Petersburg, a concert program with the participation of leading theatrical and entertainment groups of the city and other themed events)

The embankment along the Moika River provides for a large program:

  • Exhibitions with information about river cruises and companies of the river industry of St. Petersburg;
  • Concert program with participation of leading creative collectives and artists of St. Petersburg;
  • Work of animators, fun contests and master classes, thematic plein air, creative surprises and gifts to spectators and even daytime fireworks!