Under the proposed circumstances. Romeo and Juliet


Within the framework of the XIII Festival of Children's Museum Programs "Children's Days in St. Petersburg" Anna Akhmatova's Museum in the Fountain House invites you to explore the most famous and mysterious, multifaceted and simple Shakespeare play.

The authors of the project "Under the proposed circumstances" turned the text into a physical space - a draft of the writer. Several actions here can occur simultaneously, and visitors become both participants and researchers. Wandering through pages of manuscripts, independently losing separate episodes, studying Verona, you on fragments, citations and notes make a picture of the general whole.

In Juliet's room you can see all the attributes of a teenage girl's life: diaries, notes, flowers ... But changing the angle of view, we can read the lines after her death. On the square of Verona, announcements of the impending ball hang, and immediately - the dying words of Mercutio as graffiti on the wall. We will become participants in the ball at the house of the Capulet, witness the explanation on the balcony, in the family crypt by the shadows and echoes, restore the characters' stories. And then, during the general debate, we will try to determine for ourselves - what are the causes of the heroes of the tragedy.