Personal exhibition of Gennady Pravdin "Rus' Solovetskaya"


From November 9 to December 24, 2017 in the mansion Rumyantsev will host an exhibition of landscape painter Gennady Pravdin "Rus' Solovetskaya."Gennady Pravdin for many years visited the Solovetsky Islands and visited many difficult places. The artist lived for a long time on specially reserved islands - Bolshoy Zayatsky, Anzere, Big Muksalma. Over a thirty-year period, he created more than 300 paintings devoted to Solovki.

The exhibition presents a retrospective of the artist's works - 80 works created from the 1980s to the early 2000s.

The works of Gennady Pravdin reflect different seasons, but the Solovki Autumn, which carries the mighty power of light emanating from the Solovki nature, beautiful at any time and at all times, is especially brightly and unusually transmitted. Time seems to have stopped in the artist's works, and we can see and feel the elusive essence of his space. On the canvases were a dense solovetsky forest and blazing northern sunsets, the artist's subtly conveyed sensation of the warmth of the earth and the breeze of the wind, the whisper of rain and the swaying of grass by the sea.

Much of what is presented at the exhibition has already become history. The image of Solovki architecture at the end of the twentieth century is the Kremlin, which has not yet been restored, the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called on the Big Hare Island, the Golgotho-Crucifixian monastery of Anzer Island literally soaring above the wall of the forest and the lake.

On the canvases of Pravdin in an unusual color scheme imprinted Rus Solovetsky - the anthem of the Russian land, the image of the pristine northern nature of Solovki, the cosmic nature of the Solovki archipelago, the world of spiritual joy hidden from ordinary visitors Solovki