Erarta Museum hosts a "Siberian underground art" exhibition


Erarta Museum hosts a "Siberian underground art" exhibition

November 27 - January 25, 2016: Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art presents the first large-scale exhibition of Siberian underground art. While Moscow and St. Petersburg have been long a subject of studying and collecting (themed exhibitions, articles, books, art market boom), Siberia was held on a standby caused by the end of the era, and passing away of the prominent trend representatives. 

Siberian underground art emerged in 1970–1980s as a sphere of individual practices for those “unformatted” artists that existed outside the system in small free thinking creative communities. These “islands in the ocean” were having their own parallel lives, developing another art beyond the time and ideology, trying to answer the eternal questions of human existence by the means of contemporary artistic language, that incorporated achievements of both Russian and European avant-garde. 

The exhibition “Siberian Underground Art” was successfully shown in several Siberian museums, and has finally come to Erarta in its fullest version: over 80 paintings, drawings and sculptures by the artists from Novosibirsk, Omsk, Barnaul, Gorno-Altaisk and Tomsk. The exhibition will feature such authors as Vladimir Bugaev, Dmitry Bulnygin, Vyacheslav Mizin, Elena Yudina, Leonid Ivanov, Alexander Krasnopeev, Zinaida Ruban, Nikolay Myasnikov Nikolay Zhukov, Vladimir Kvasov, Sergey Dykov, Alexander Kosenkov, Alexey Kuznetsov, Elena Evsina, Victor Shtrikker, and others.

The exhibition is built upon the phenomenological principle. With no pretension to exhaust the topic, the organizers strive to spark the interest to the unknown page of the Russian art history, to present the works of talented authors and to present Siberian underground art as an original and important part of the all-Russian cultural process of the end of the twentieth century.