Exhibition "Creative couples. Sterligov and Glebova"


Vladimir Sterligov and Tatyana Glebova are bright representatives of the second generation of the avant-garde, developing in their creative work the artistic ideas of the new art of the 1910s-1930s.

The exhibition demonstrates the program works of V. Sterligov in the 1960s: "Head" (1962), "Conversation" (1963), "The First Butterfly" (1969), etc. In them the artist explores the properties of the "cup-dome" space and the new surplus element - "straight-curve". This section of the exhibition is complemented by the work of T. Glebova, created in the 1950-1970's: "Cyclist" (1950's), "Grandma" (1960), "Portrait of PN Filonov" (1960), etc.
Also at the exhibition are two cycles of landscape watercolors: "Stone Island", made by V. V. Sterligov in 1958-1959 and a series of works created by TN Glebova in Gatchina in the early 1950s.
They complement the exposition of the work illustrating the activity of artists in the field of book and industrial graphics: the toy book "Bouquet" (late 1950s) and the set for creating a desktop theater based on A. Pushkin's work "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" (1947).

The exhibition will last until May 20, 2018.