Uniforms and Fates in the Museum of Alexander Suvorov


Uniforms and Fates in the Museum of Alexander Suvorov

On February 19, the exhibition “Uniforms and Fates” will open in the Museum of Alexander Suvorov. The exhibition is dedicated to officers of the Russian and Soviet army, their military achievements and outstanding destinies. The exhibition is open till April 24, 2020.

A special place in the exposition will be taken by the uniform of the commanders of the General Staff of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army of 1920, owned by Vladimir Nikolaevich Egoriev (1869-1948). After graduating from the Nikolaev Academy of the General Staff in 1901, he held command positions during the World War I, voluntarily entered the Red Army in 1917, commanded the front in the Civil, and then was registered at the General Staff of the Red Army. A specially designed uniform for the "Red General Staff" was approved in August-September 1920 and was canceled already in 1922. The caftan is light green in color with a turn-down velvet collar decorated with a golden soutache worn by Egoriev - one of two well-known surviving specimens (the second is in a private collection). In addition to uniforms, at the exhibition you can see works of painting and graphics, weapons and faleristics of the twentieth century. 

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