“Musics of the World” in Sheremetev Palace


“Musics of the World” in Sheremetev Palace

The IV St. Petersburg International Ethnic Music Festival “Musics of the World,”

10th-11th of August, 2019

Sheremetev Palace – Museum of Music (Fontanka Embankment, 34)

On the 10-11th of August in a unique 18 th c. mansion in St. Petersburg’s historical center, spanning the courtyard, gardens, and concert halls of the Sheremetyev Palace – Museum of Music the IV Saint Petersburg International Ethnic Music Festival, “Musics of the World,” will take place. The festival features the best of ethno-rock, ethno-jazz, and ethno-electronic bands, placing the traditional music of the multifarious regions of Russia and neighboring countries in a modern musical context. The open-air festival will likewise present the extraordinary sounds and musical capabilities of ethnic instruments from the Museum of Music’s collection.

The lineup includes the famous Moldavan folk-rock band Zdob si Zdub, the new Tuvan ethno-rock group Khoomei Beat, and the ethno-jazz Seven Eight Band from Moscow, hailed by last year’s St. Petersburg audience. Debuts in this year’s festival are ZeMe, an electronic duet from Latvia with a virtuoso performer playing the traditional Lithuanian gusli-kokles, the distinguished Cengi ethno-jazz ensemble from Azerbaijan, Gipsy Grai, a Romani rock group from Nizhniy Novgorod, the Ensemble of Mediterranean Deconstruction from Moscow, who are this year’s winners of the Musics of the World Competition, among other prizewinners of the competition.

The program of the Festival also features master-classes, led by ethno-musicians, improvisation jam-sessions with Hangs, instrument-makers’ showcases of various traditional ethnic instruments, entertaining activities for children and much more.

More details and tickets at the festival site.

Schedule of the IV International Ethnic Music Festival, “Music of the World”, August 10 and 11, 2019:

Inner courtyard and garden of the Sheremetyev Palace, 14:00-20:00:
a showcase of ethnic musical instruments by instrument-makers, master-classes for children and adults on playing the Hang and gusli, interactive tours through the Collection of Musical Instruments at Sheremetyev Palace – Museum of Music.

August 10: The White Hall of the Sheremetyev Palace – Museum of Music
14:00-14:45: improvisational performance by the ensemble of the Mir Guslei school
15:00-15:45: improvisational performance by the ensemble of the Alhambra workshop

The Main Stage
Mama Nature, St. Petersburg. Third-prize winners at the Open Competition “Musics of the World”. Crystal harp and lyrical ethno-meditations
17:00-18:00 Ensemble of Dmitri Ospin, Stavropol. First-prize winners, as picked by the audience of the Open Competition “Music of the World” Jazz, Russian folk, Near East motifs
18:15-19:15 Gipsy Grai, Nizhniy Novgorod. Romani-Balkan ethno-rock
19:30-20:30 Cengi, Azerbaijan. Brilliant ethno-jazz on the oud, tar, with traditional songs
20:45-22:00 Khoomei Beat, Tuva. New Tuvan ethno-rock

August 11. The White Hall of the Sheremetyev Palace – Museum of Music
14:00-14:45 Khomei Beat, the Secrets of Mastership: Byzaanchi, Igil, Viola, and Throat-Singing
15:00-15:45 Djangi: Traditional Azerbaijani Instruments in Jazz
16:00-16:45 ZeMe, Laima Jansone: Latvia, Kokles, traditional music

The Main Stage

17:00-18:00 The Ensemble of Mediterranean Deconstruction, Moscow. First-prize winners at the Open Competition “Music of the World”. Jewish-Spanish traditions and jazz improvisation
18:15-19:15 ZeMe, Latvia. Ethno-electronica with Latvian gusli-kokles
19:30-20:30 Seven Eight Band, Moscow. Virtuoso ethno-jazz with Armenian and Balkan accents
20:45-22:00 Zdob si Zdub, Moldova. Famous Moldovan folk-rock