St.Petersburg Card's director speaking on industry solidarity


St.Petersburg Card's director speaking on industry solidarity

On November 14, 2018, the International Conference “Implementation of Cultural and Environmental Sites into the World Tourist Routes” was held. The conference under the auspices of the VII International St. Petersburg Cultural Forum was organized by the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg and brought together professionals of the tourism industry: representatives of the administration, professional associations, business and the media.

The plenary session was addressed by Evgeny Pankevich, Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development, Prashant Chaudhary, Head of Visit Petersburg Office in India, Nikolai Dmitriev, Director General of St. Petersburg Card, and other experts, moderated by Ekaterina Shadskaya, Director of Russian Union of Travel Industry.

In his speech, Nikolai Dmitriev focused on the growing atomization of society and the issue of choice made by a tourist when he or she plans a visit. Individual travelers, being guided by information on the Internet and social networks, see the TOP-10 or even TOP-5, and various websites more or less present the same lists. The situation is aggravated by aggregators and resellers that replicate the same attractions, while the lion’s share of museums does not have proper promotion and, as a result, does not receive its visitor. The statistics of St.Petersburg Card represents the Card as a “litmus test” of tourist demand. It indicates that even an offer  of  dozens of prepaid entries to museums cannot significantly affect the choice of a tourist whose opinion and expectations have already been formed. As a possible solution, Dmitriev proposed joint marketing efforts by representatives of business and administration aimed at strengthening the information presence of “non-top” museums.

Nikolai Dmitriev was appointed to the post of General Director of Guest Card Ltd (St.Petersburg Card operator) in October 2018. Previously, more than a year, he worked as Business Development Director of the company. Dmitriev is an experienced marketing officer with 20 years in work in this field. Previously he was the PR director of the Metro newspaper, the Head of the marketing communications department at the Pharmacor pharmaceutical company, and the deputy director of the Vodokanal information branch. He was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the medal "In Memory of the Restoration of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral", he is engaged in public awareness activities. Married, raising three children.