5th European City Cards Expert Meeting took place in Oslo


5th European City Cards Expert Meeting took place in Oslo

September 29-30, 2016: the regular annual Expert Meeting of the European City Cards group (ECC) was held in Oslo. The event is organized by the European Cities Marketing Association with the aim of providing a platform where industry specialists can discuss the latest trends in City Pass management and exchange expertise. This time, the meeting was attended by over 60 representatives from 30 popular European destinations, including St. Petersburg Card team.

The major topic was "going mobile" with the City Card - which means not just operating a complementary mobile app, but totally replacing a physical card with a QR-code. This kind of innovation answers tourist demands, makes the purchasing process faster and simpler, and most importantly - brings communication with a City Card user on an entirely new level.

Besides, the participants discussed some current everyday issues, such as sales & marketing strategies, competitive environment, dealing with transport organizations and international online booking systems.

A City Card is a very convenient, flexible service for individual travellers and an essential component of the city tourist infrastructure. More and more destinations seem to choose in favour of offering a City Card to their visitors. Saint Petersburg Card joined the ECC group in 2012. Maintaining contact with the European colleagues helps learn the latest industry innovations and adapt them for the Russian tourist market.