"Guest Card" offers to develop loyalty programs on basis of transport cards


Andrey Shapovalov, CEO of the "Guest Card" Ltd,  spoke at the forum "Innovative Payment Solutions for Transport-2018" about the experience of using public transport in the tourist program and put forward a proposal that can stimulate the flow of individual tourists in the regions where there are projects for electronic services for transport.

According to Mr. Shapovalov, the CEOs of transport committees and tourist centers do not take into account the fact that giving tourists the opportunity of cheap and convenient mobile transportation stimulates them to increase the number of visits in various attractions.

The head of the "Guest Card" emphacised that public transport should be oriented not only to the citizens, but also to tourists, sports fans, travelers, transit passengers and visa-free cruise passengers. "Experience of the" Guest Card "and our European colleagues proves the effectiveness of the policy of transport preferences for tourists.If the tourist is more mixed and comfortable - he visits more objects and consequently spends more," said Mr. Shapovalov.

The CEO of the "Guest Card" noted that if a transport card functions in a certain region, then it is possible to organize the tourist services of the City Pass format in cooperation with travel companies. "Operators of transport projects should pay attention to tourism loyalty programs and use their opportunities together with tourist centers to launch similar programs in the regions," concluded Mr. Shapovalov.

The specialized forum "Innovative payment solutions for transport-2018" is dedicated to the development of payment solutions for public transport, industry regulation, the creation of a single transport space, the integration of payment solutions with city services and social projects, the distribution of tickets and loyalty programs similar to the service of the "Guest Card". The "Guest Card" is a single electronic card for tourists, which includes visiting the best museums and excursions, an electronic transport ticket, attractive offers and discounts. "Guest Card" is a pioneer in Russia in providing services of the City Pass format.