Petersburg Card presented at "Saint Petersburg Days in Prague"


Petersburg Card presented at "Saint Petersburg Days in Prague"

September, 8-11: the magistrate of the Czech Republic capital held a special event "Saint Petersburg Days in Prague", dedicated to the development of tourism and cultural relations between the two cities. The event included a series of official meetings focusing on Saint Petersburg as a tourist and business destination, latest cultural events of the city, as well as new trends in tourist exchange between Saint Petersburg and Prague.

Petersburg Card operator also participated in these meetings, where Andrey Shapovalov, General director of "Guest Card" Ltd. made a presentation. He told Prague tourism industry specialists about the popular tourist service now available in Russian cultural capital.

Saint Petersburg was the first city in Russia to introduce a City Card - a convenient service widely recognized around the world. Mr Shapovalov spoke of the project achievements after 4 years of activity and potential co-operation with Prague tourist companies. The public provided a positive feedback and enthusiastically welcomed an important novelty for individual travelers in Petersburg.

The event was also attended by representatives of Prague Card - a longtime partner of Petersburg Card. The colleagues shared their experience in building a sales network as well as interaction with the museum community.

Along with Prague Card and 40 other similar projects Petersburg Card is part of the City Cards group at European Cities Marketing Association. There, it represents Saint Petersburg as a popular tourist destination, being a product which improves the comfort of stay for individual visitors.