St. Petersburg Card and Presidential Library signed an agreement


St. Petersburg Card and Presidential Library signed an agreement

The parties have documented their intentions to enhance information cooperation and exchange experience as well as to develop new directions in educational and outreach activities, to form solid knowledge of the Russian history and traditions of the peoples of Russia in young people, to cultivate patriotism and civic awareness in the younger generation and to increase the culture of international communication.

The agreement was signed by Andrei Shapovalov, the  General Director of St.Petersburg Card and Valentin Sidorin, the Vice General Director of B.N. Yeltsin Presidential Library. The solemn ceremony took place on October 11, 2018 as part of  INWETEX - CIS TRAVEL MARKET 2018 international tourist fair in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg Card highly appreciates the tourist potential of the Library as an institution. As for its technical fit-out and capabilities, the Library would outdo any other in Russia: it includes electronic reading and exhibition halls, a conference room and multimedia and television complexes. The historical importance of the Presidential Library building can't be overestimated. The building of the Holy Synod was built in the second quarter of the XIX century by the project of the outstanding architect Carlo Rossi.

St. Petersburg Card and B.N.Yeltsin Presidential Library are planning to participate in joint projects and initiatives.