St. Petersburg Card becomes a member of the public campaign "The City is Ready!"


While the city is actively preparing to meet the guests of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, St. Petersburg Card also contributes to the upcoming events and becomes a participant of the public communication campaign "The City Is Ready!". The campaign is aimed at unifying the efforts of St. Petersburg administration, business companies and city residents in solving the problems of the development of St. Petersburg during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It was initiated by the fun club of the Russian team "Russia unites".

Business development director of St. Petersburg Card Nikolay Dmitriev took part in the meeting of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the Administration of St. Petersburg and received a diploma certifying St. Petersburg Card as a member of the campaign. The city tourist program "St. Petersburg Card" seeks to make St. Petersburg widely known among sport fans not only as one of the football capitals of the upcoming championship, but also as the world's famous cultural center with numerous museums and sights worthy of the closest attention.

St. Petersburg Card together with the Northern capital is looking forward to the start of games, first goals, victories and enthusiasm of the fans. Meanwhile St. Petersburg Card is preparing a special gift for the guests of the city, which will surely please them and make their stay in St. Petersburg even more rich in impressions. We will keep you informed.