Givaway! Win your restaurant certificate!


Givaway! Win your restaurant certificate!

Get yor prize!
Visit Saint Petersburg with St.Petersburg Card in November and win a delicious bonus!

New promo "I'm visiting St.Petersburg!" for those who are coming to St.Pete's and feels very excited! St.Petersburg Card offers a certificate to one of the best restaurants in the city among those who will buy cards at and will arrive in November 2018 

Everything is simple:

  • tell your followers that you are going to Saint Petersburg,
  • put hashtags #ivisitpetersburg and #petersburgcard
  • send a link to the post and the order number to or direct message to the accounts of St.Petersburg Card in Vkontakte or on Facebook.

The results will be held on November 27 at 14.00 and will be published in the St.Petersburg Card groups in Vkontakte and on Facebook. The Jury of the program will choose the most funny and creative pictures, so don't hesitate to express your joy by any means!

The winners may get the certificate in case they order delivery of the cards to the hotel or in the operator's office.

In December, the participants' photos will be published on the St.Petersburg Card's website visited by hundreds of thousands of travelers from all over the world.