The founder of St. Petersburg Card took part in the race at the Western High-Speed Diameter and in the "White Night" race


The founder of St. Petersburg Card took part in the race at the Western High-Speed Diameter and in the "White Night" race

The beginning of summer turned out to be rich in sport festivals in St. Petersburg. Among other events running and bicycle race on the Western High-Speed Diameter and "White Night" night race took place last weekend.

Anton Volkov, the founder and mastermind of the city tourist program “St. Petersburg Card”, took part in both of these competitions. His number at the Western High-Speed Diameter race was 713, while at the night race he was marked as the runner number 445.

The competitions on the Western High-Speed Diameter was opened by the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Kucheryavy, the vice-governor of the Leningrad region Dmitry Yalov and the three-time Olympic champion in track and field athletics Tatiana Kazankina. The festival was organized with the assistance of the city Committee for Tourism Development.

The event caused a lively response from the city residents. The race registered 1115 runners and 4001 cyclists. Also, the festival was conceived an art performance too: bright participants' t-shirts and decorated bicycles merged into a single wave and swept along the highway. For the spectators performances of stand-up comics, family competitions, cycling, lectures of professional athletes, concert of children’s musical ensembles and master classes were organized.

The run along the shore of the Gulf of Finland was started at midnight. Athletes crossed the distance through dense and loose sand. This year more than 250 people took part in the event, which was the third in a row. Organizers say that this event gathers true romantics – those who will appreciate running at a white night with the sounds of waves and cries of seagulls.

"Two races had equally festive atmosphere: the sport gives a charge of vivacity for a long span of time," Anton Volkov claimed. "An active approach to life and sports training is very useful for travelers, because this summer promises to become incredibly bright, rich in various activities not only for residents, but also for the guests of St. Petersburg. The team of the Guest Card will create a special sports route."