Museum humanitarian mission and cultural marketing


Museum humanitarian mission and cultural marketing

St.Petersburg Card holds regular meetings on cultural and city marketing and the role of the museum in the modern tourist agenda. On the one hand, a museum carries out a mission that does not depend on time: it conserves the most important meanings and transmits them to future generations. On the other hand, this mission is not isolated from the realities of everyday life, which require the Museum to work with modern tools to promote and attract visitors.

These two issues made the agenda of the 3rd International workout meeting "Distribution of tourist flows between attractions of St. Petersburg" which was held on December 12, 2019, at Military-Medical Museum. The meeting was supported by The Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg and the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg and attended by representatives of 38 museums, the tourist community and mass and online media.

Humanitarian mission of the museum

Anatoly Budko, the director of Military-Medical Museum, told about a special role of the museum in the history of St. Petersburg. The idea of the humanitarian mission of the museum was developed by Deputy Director Dmitry Zhuravlev: this is a military museum but aims to instill mercy and the principles of humanism. The Museum takes part in the work of the Commission on human rights in St. Petersburg. The museums works with funds and establishes the historical truth about the military actions, presents the results of research at international exhibitions and conferences. Besides, it makes its exhibitions and events in partnership with military enlistment offices, veterans of FC "Zenit" and other organizations.

Uneven distribution of tourist flow

The uneven distribution of tourist flows is a general trend for cultural tourism in the world. Nikolai Dmitriev, General Director of the St. Petersburg Card, explained the attendance and popularity of the city's museums as marketing factors: the strength of the brand and marketing activity of each particular museum. The museums, whose brand has been formed for decades and even centuries, win the competition for a visitor against those ones that do not have such a long history and staff of specialists in the field of marketing and communications. Nikolai Dmitriev noted that museums with an emerging brand it is important to use all means of promotion including the City Card format and aggregators of tourist offers. At the same time the effectiveness of tourist flow management depends on the involvement of all museums, including brand ones. Moreover, solidarity plays a decisive role here. St. Petersburg Card is the largest and oldest museum aggregator in Russia. It considers the issue of distribution on the basis of attendance of 75 museums that are included in its program. Besides, it initiates additional information projects: media project Petersburg Inside together with the newspaper "Metro St. Petersburg" and the Community of St. Petersburg Bloggers. And there is one more new motion: Museum Oracle. In a playful way, it allows introducing to a wide audience of all 230 museums in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg Card meeting

Foreign experience: cultural marketing in Ljubljana

The issue of regulation of tourist flow in European cities is concerned at the municipal level. In particular, in Ljubljana, in 2017, was developed a Strategy of Cultural Marketing. It was created in close collaboration with the Cultural department of the Municipality of Ljubljana, Ljubljana Tourist Board and 20 cultural institutions, as the coordinator of the tourism development sector of Ljubljana Tourism Neža Semič said. The Strategy aims to increase the tourist flow and the proportion of foreign tourists in the subject of visitors to cultural institutions. In this regard, a number of measures are being implemented: establishment of internal communication, inclusion of museums in Ljubljana tourist card, trainings for employees of cultural and tourist sphere, development of "cultural quarters" outside the city center. Click here to download Ljubljana Tourism presentation slides.

Successful experience of St. Petersburg museums and projects

In summer 2019 Kronstadt was housing an exhibition of Ivan Aivazovsky. It was a great success that brought local overtourism. Aivazovsky's brand and free admission increased interest. 25 thousand tourists visited the exhibition. Every day there was an enormous queue, and the surrounding museums, food courts, and the information and cultural center noted increased attendance this summer, told Irina Falina, head of Visit Kronshtadt.

Sergey Orlov, Deputy Director of the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, told about the development of the branch of the fortress museum "Oreshek" and the measures increased in attendance of the museum. The reconstruction of the pier allowed the museum to receive cruise tourists. Chinese tourists highly estimate the cafe on the shore of the island. Theme parties with the participation of reenactment groups also attract families with children from the city and the surrounding horticulture. As a result, the number of visitors increased one and a half times in two years and by 2019 it reached 151 thousand for 6 months, which is almost twice the record of the Soviet time.

Karina Nazanyan, a press secretary of the Military-Medical Museum, invited her colleagues to the School of museum skills meetings. It organizes regular educational meetings for the museum workers and, among other things, discusses the issues of museum marketing.

Museum and street audio guide is another free channel to promote the museum, and its synchronization with other services expands the possibilities, told Oksana Turskaya, Deputy Director for development The development of open and free content helps the Museum to build a direct dialogue with the visitors, to inspire them to publish in social networks and give them verified information.

Petersburg Inside results and "Angel of St. Petersburg" award

At the end of the meeting Valeria Malysheva, head of Marketing Communication Department of St. Petersburg Card and Director of ANCO "Center for development assistance in the sphere of culture and tourism "Projection", together with Pavel Prokofiev, head of the Community of St. Petersburg bloggers, summed up the project "Petersburg Inside". In 2019, 21 museums received free media support; the newspaper "Metro St. Petersburg" and Community blogs published more than 300 materials with total coverage of 5 million people. The best authors received the Award "Angel of St. Petersburg" named after by Peter Telushkin, established by ANCO "Projection" with the support of The Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg and the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg. The winner of the award for the best material in traditional media was the correspondent of the newspaper "Metro St. Petersburg" Alyona Bobrovich. The organizing committee of the Award thanked Svetlana Trofimova for publications in the Internet media. Dmitry Shilov received the award for streams and broadcasts in the social network Odnoklassniki. The expert Council of the Award, which included heads of museums and experts in the field of tourism, noted the publication of Natalia Samokhvalova. According to the opinion of the participants and organizers, the St. Petersburg Museum of Bread received the award for the high level of preparation for blog tours.

Angel of St. Petersburg

The official part ended the next day at 12.00, when the noon shot was fired from Naryshkin Bastion of the Peter and Paul fortress by the organizers of the project "Petersburg Inside". The shot was streamed in the social network "Odnoklassniki", and more than 36 thousand people from the cities of Russia, CIS and Europe watched it.

During the meeting, all the participants continued the discussion of the issues raised at the 2nd business meeting of the St. Petersburg Card in February 2019.

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