About St. Petersburg Card

What is included

St.Petersburg Card provides free entrance to the best attractions and tours, a rechargeable transport pass, cost-saving special offers and discounts.

St. Petersburg Card guidebook

How long does it work

All the options of St.Petersburg Card are available with the cards for 2, 3, 5 or 7 days.

2 Day St.Petersburg Card (48 hours)
3 Day St.Petersburg Card (72 hours)
5 Day St.Petersburg Card (120 hours)
7 Day St.Petersburg Card (168 hours)

The card is activated upon your first entry to a museum or a tour, and is valid for a consecutive period measured in hours. During this time you have free access to an unlimited number of attractions covered by the Card. Special offers and discounts are available even after the Card has expired, and the transport pass will be valid for three years since it was last recharged.

Economize with the Card

Saint Petersburg Card makes sightseeing more affordable: depending on your itinerary, you can save from 30% and more on entrance tickets. And with extra discounts on top, the Card will add more value to your trip.


St.Petersburg Card comes with a guidebook, giving you an insight into the best sightseeing opportunities of the city. It offers brief descriptions of top and lesser known attractions, and is full of useful visitor information: museum locations, tour starting points, attraction opening times & contact details, etc.

St Petersburg Card guidebook

You will find there some other valuable tips. A map of the historical centre will help you plan a flexible individual route and make the most of your stay. The guidebook is published in 2 languages (Russian/English) and contains tear-off coupons, which are exchanged for free tickets by the cashier when you are visiting a museum or a tour.

Rechargeable Transport Pass

The Card is integrated with a transport pass which can be used to pay the fare in metro, buses, trolleybuses and trams, after its balance has been topped up at metro cash desks and terminals.

How it Works

Before use, please fill in the start and end date on the reverse side of the Card. When visiting an attraction, you need to get an entrance ticket at the ticket office marked with a «St.Petersburg Card» logo. Simply present your Card and the guidebook – the cashier will check its validity and provide you with a ticket. Read more

How to Buy

St Petersburg Card can be purchased anytime on our website (Visa and Mastercard are accepted). The cards may be delivered to your hotel unless you prefer to pick them up yourself in a pick-up point. After your online order is completed and the payment is made, we will e-mail you a voucher. Please, present your printed voucher to receive the card ar the hotel recception or the pick-up point.

Choose a card and proceed to purchase 

European Cities Marketing memberSt.Petersburg Card works since 2010 and was designed on the basis of the City Pass system, it makes sightseeing easier and helps to cut travel expenses. Since 2012, St.Petersburg Card has been represented in the European City Cards group along with 40 other City Cards projects.