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Katharina and Brigitte 12.04.2018 10:38:48

We traveled to St. Petersburg for the extended Easter weekend for 4 days with the family. All of us are incredibly satisfied with the St. Petersburg Card and the excellent service. Personally I’d like to express my satisfaction with the St Petersburg card and highly recommend it for busy travellers like ourselves who will get great value out of it. Especially as a group with several people, it is really convenient for the many attractions and highlights in St. Petersburg, since we were able to pick up the tickets directly at the box office. To visit most of the sightseeing you’ll have to be waiting in line, so it is a great luxury to show only the St. Petersburg Card and pick up the entrance ticket. Everywhere that we used the St. Petersburg Card we seemed to get some special treatment. Thank you so much – we just loved it!
Cian 11.09.2017 18:40:55
I recommend people visiting the city buy this card as it will save you money and hastle.

I bought the card online and was unable to pick it up at the airport because the information desk was down due to a technical error. Despite this I was able to collect it in the city centre without much hastle.

My advice for people looking to buy this card is to order the card with less days on it than you are staying in St. Petersburg. So, for instance if you're staying for 7 days get the 5 card. The Hermitage is not included on the card and it will take at least one day to explore so this is at least one day where you you won't be using the card beyond paying for transport across the city.

I have three bits of advice for the providers. First, more attractions should be covered under the card, though I admit there already is an impressive amount already covered. Second, I found it annoying that in some cases you had to choose free entry into a choice of two museums, but not both. An example of this was having to chose between the naval museum and the Aurora cruiser. My third bit of advice is that instead of giving a free one-way hydrofoil picket to the Peterhof, perhaps giving 50% off a return ticket might be more convenient.
Judith, Australia 10.07.2017 18:46:47

We purchased our cards on line in Moscow and then picked them up at Nevsky Forum Hotel which was near our own accomodation. It worked well for us. Very happy with the choice of attractions. We had already bought our Hermitage tickets so it didn't matter that that was not included. We got to see a few little museums we wouldn't normally have thought to visit and the hop on hop off bus and boat tours were great value. 
All the ticket sellers knew exactly what it was and gave us our tickets promptly, however a designated ticket booth for card holders would have been better, so we could 'jump the queue'. This was an essential part of the New York card we bought last year and we would have liked it to be a feature of St. Petersburg Card. 
It's quite hard to make savings with these cards in any city. There are lots of attractions but it's hard to do enough in the time limit to actually save money. We bought it for convenience and because the Russian websites for pre-buying tickets were difficult to negotiate in English. I think we got our money's worth but we had to really plan our days. It was essential for a non Russian speaker. I would recommend this to friends, but the opportunity to ' jump the queue' would make it fabulous.

Camilo, Canada 01.07.2017 11:59:40

All kinds of attractions included. Something for everyone. Guidebook was great for deciding where to go, when. I did not work out the savings part, but I enjoyed not paying at every attraction. One fee before going gets you into everything you would like.

Olga, the Netherlands 25.06.2017 10:55:09

The card offers a lot of things, most important things included. Not that much savings as one cannot visit so many attractions, but the convenience is the most important with this card. It would be great if the card would help to "skip the line" as well. Now it is good for savings (discounted&free entry), but it could be even better if it meant you do not need to wait in the lines.

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