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Zoltan, Hungary 26.08.2016 14:19:39

Easy to purchase on internet and get it on ploshchad Vosstanya. A lot of nice attractions included, good idea to purchase the card. The services are good, the staff very kind and helpfull. Good value for money even if no enough time to see all attractions. Very good guidebook, easy to know what are in the attractions, the opening hours, how to get there and how much money you can save

Mei Ying, Hong Kong 22.08.2016 16:30:45

Found the counter easily in the airport. Attractions are various, very interesting. The card helped me save a lot - especially because of a midnight cruise. Easy to understand the direction, but not for the bus tour. There is no English description in some museums. I could not learn more from the exhibited things. Also, for the bus tour, except the terminal station, I could not find other bus stops from the booklet. Finally, the place where show the old game machines was extremely interesting. I enjoyed myself very much. Thanks for your suggestion.

Eunjin, the Republic of Korea 16.08.2016 14:01:53

Purchase by internet is very convenient. Lots of attractions included are worth to visit.
Quality of service is mostly good. I saved over 1000 RUB with this card. Explanations in guidebook is helpful.

Alasdair, the United Kingdom 07.08.2016 13:24:32

Fairly quick and easy to book online Most major attractions are included - however there are too many restrictions (e.g. doesn't include entry to XXX palace during peak months, only entry to gardens, etc.)  Some attractions were hard to deal with, insisting on seeing the book which accompanies the card and then cutting pages out of books with scissors!  it wasn't clear that you needed to carry the book, so not all of our party carried their books, just their cards, so long as one of us had a book for info - but some attractions insisted on everyone having a book so that they could cut out pages. Very frustrating, time-consuming and impractical. Ideally you would receive this in advance so that you had time to read, research and plan your trip/attractions - since you have to collect it in person in St Petersburg, I never ever had time to sit down and read the book. Also, finding and collecting the books wasn't as seamless as it should have been.

Nancy, Belgium 18.07.2016 15:06:15

Easy to buy and to receive in St Petersburg Airport Desk. Most of the best attractions were included, the only barrier was sometimes the languages. And you have to do a lot of the attractions to have savings. At our arrival you could take metro and/or bus card with discount for a longer period just outside the airport in a machine, but that was out of order! So we had to pay to take the bus and then activated a card in the next nearby metro. Otherwise everything went very well. It was our first vacation from Belgium to Russia and we were a bit nervous how the country and the people would be, but at the end everything in Saint Petersburg was fantastic!!! People were nice, we had good weather, everything was planned by ourselves with the St Petersburg card and we visited a lot with discount, a vacation never to forget, thanks!!!

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