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Noriyo, Japan 21.06.2016 09:11:59

Very easy to order and get it. Wide range of attractions and museums were available. It was really useful and offered me a great saving. The guidebook was informative, but some places were a bit difficult to find out from the map.

Cornelia, Switzerland 05.06.2016 16:17:30

Big choice of attractions, only the boat tours were difficult to book. Saved a lot of money, stayed there 10 days. The guidebook is helpful and provides a good overview. Also it is a great idea, that you can use the card for the transportation

Eusebio, Italy 16.05.2016 13:33:10

I did not have to buy tickets everytime I visited some attraction. The offer is top notch....everything was there. Always nice people at the museums, but I ended up saving less than I expected.....stayed four full days in St. Petersburg and I did not have the time to see more things

Florian, Austria 29.10.2015 19:10:03
I very much enjoyed spending time in St. Petersburg, especially the St. Petersburg card was a delight. Everything was working very smoothly, there were no problems entering the attractions and the functionality as e-purse for public transportation is superb.
The only space for improvement is that at the attractions the personell sometimes did not speak english very well.
Julia (Germany) 01.07.2015 13:28:34

Very easy. Hotel delivery. Just the Hotel People were a bit complicated... but called customer Service. Very helpful, very friendly. Thank you.
Savings are excellent, if you had the time to do it all :)
Nice offer, good service. Go on!

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