Economy with the card. Sample route

A winter journey to the Russian northern capital can be unforgettably charming. St.Petersburg Card will be a great travel companion for you in winter months.

Instead of various boat tours, which are not available in the cold time of year, St Petersburg Card offer now features the resplendent suburban palaces: Grand Palace in Peterhof, and Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo. 

Altogether, the offer includes over 70 most interesting museums - choose any of them, or take the itinerary below as an example. Please note that the Card is valid in hours, which means that breaking down the route into days is approximate.

You can visit as many attractions as you like during the Card validity. Besides, St. Petersburg Card offers a free hop-on hop-off bus tour during 1 day and special offers regardless of the card validity, which will add to your warm memories of the winter city.

Attractions Normal Ticket Price  with the discount
Day 1
Hop-on hop-off bus tour City Sightseeing 1900 RUR free entry
St. Isaac's Cathedral + Colonnade 400 RUR free entry
Aquatorium of Peter the Great 450 RUR free entry
Rossi Hermitage (General Staff building) 300 RUR free entry
Day 2
Peter and Paul fortress (the Cathedral, prison in Trubetskoy bastion,
a discount for "Nevskaya Panorama" promenade)

650 RUR free entry
Menshikov Palace 
300 RUR free entry
Cabin of Peter the Great 200 RUR free entry
The Art of Fan Museum
650 RUR free entry
Total Cost - 2 Days (48 hours) 4 850 RUR 3 290 RUR
Savings start from 1 560 RUR
Day 3
Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo 1000 RUR free entry
A. Pushkin Lyceum-Museum in Tsarskoye Selo 220 RUR free entry
Pavlovsk Palace & Park 600 RUR free entry
Total Cost - 3 Days (72 hours) 6 670 RUR 4 490 RUR
Savings start from   2 180 RUR
Day 4
Saviour on the Spilled Blood 250 RUR free entry
Russian Museum 450 RUR free entry
St. Michael's Castle 300 RUR free entry
Day 5
Grand Palace in Peterhof 1000 RUR free entry
Sheremetev Palace - Museum of Music 300 RUR free entry
Total Cost - 5 Days (120 hours) 8 970 RUR 5 590 RUR
Savings start from 3 380 RUR
Day 6 
Erarta, the museum of contemporary art 500 RUR free entry
The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines 450 RUR free entry
Day 7
Central Naval Museum 600 RUR free entry
Zoological Museum 250 RUR free entry
Total Cost - 7 Days (168 hours)  10 770 RUR 6 290 RUR
Savings start from 4 480 RUR