Economize with St.Petersburg Card. Sample Itinerary

Saint Petersburg is a culturally vibrant city with a lot to offer, which is not so easy to pack into just one short visit. You can return to Russian Northern capital again and again for new discoveries and delights.

Below is our suggestion how you can use St Petersburg Card, getting more value for your trip, however the choice of attractions and the timing of visits remains totally up to you. 

Savings with St Petersburg Card may differ substantially depending on your individual route. With the advantage of being flexible, you can visit as many attractions as you like, limited only by the Card's validity. Please note that the Card validity counts in hours (48, 72, 120 and 168) - so breaking down the attractions into days, which you see here, is approximate.

Attractions Normal Ticket Price*
Day 1
St. Isaac Cathedral (including the Colonnade viewing platform) 400 RUB free entry
Saviour on the Spilled Blood Church 250 RUB free entry
Hop-on hop-off bus City Sightseeing 1900 RUB free entry
Night-time boat trip 900 RUB free entry
Day 2
Peter and Paul fortress (the Cathedral, Trubetskoy bastion prison) 650 RUB free entry
"Aquatorium of Peter the Great" scale-model museum 450 RUB free entry
City Sightseeing Neva (hop-on hop-off boat) 1000 RUB free entry
Total Cost - 2 Days 5550 RUB 3890 RUB
Day 3
"The Art of Fan" Museum 650 RUB free entry
Hydrofoil trip to Peterhof 800 RUB free entry
Peterhof Lower Gardens 900 RUB free entry
Total Cost - 3 Days 7900 RUB 5290 RUB
Day 4
Museum of the Soviet Arcade Machines 450 RUB free entry
Erarta, contemporary art museum 500 RUB free entry
Day 5
Catherine Park, Tsarskoye Selo 150 RUB free entry
Pavlovsk, palace & park 600 RUB free entry
Total Cost - 5 days 9600 RUB 6490 RUB
Day 6 
St. Michael's Castle 300 RUB free entry
Russian Ethnography Museum 300 RUB free entry
Daytime boat trip 700 RUB free entry
Day 7
Gatchina Palace 400 RUB free entry
Priory Castle in Gatchina 200 RUB free entry
Total Cost - 7 days 11500 RUB 7290 RUB

*The prices are published in April 2018