How to Use St Petersburg Card

How it works

St Petersburg Card is a sightseeing package, containing a smart card and a guidebook with tear-off coupons. You will need both the card and the guidebook in the museums. During its validity, the Card grants you a one-time free access to an unlimited number of attractions included in the offer.

St Petersburg Card is valid during 48, 72, 120 or 168 consecutive hours since its activation. Discounts and special offers are available even after the Card expires.

It is integrated with a transport e-purse, which can be used to pay the fare on city public transportation after its balance is topped at metro cash desks and e-terminals. St Petersburg Card transport e-purse will be valid for three years since it was last recharged. Please note that the this credit cannot be charged back according to the terms of St Petersburg Committee for Transport.

How do I activate the Card

St Petersburg Card is activated upon your first entry to an attraction. Before your first visit, please fill in the date and time on the reverse side of the Card. You can use it as a transport e-purse whenever you wish without opening the validity period.

St Petersburg Card for 5 days

How do I enter attractions with St Petersburg Card

St Petersburg Card provides savings and convenience of cashless payment when you visit attractions. Show the Card and the guidebook to the cashier and get your free ticket to the museum/tour. The cashier will check the Card validity, scan the data or extract a tear-off coupon on the appropriate attraction page and provide you with a ticket.

St Petersburg Card guidebook page

At the attractions equipped with turnstiles the entrance is provided after the bar code is scanned. At the attractions without turnstiles the ticket is shown to the ticket inspector.

The service is provided under general conditions, without skipping the queue, except for several museums which have a particular ticket office for visitors with St Petersburg Card. These are Peter and Paul fortress, Lower Park in Peterhof, St. Isaac's Cathedral and Savior on the Spilled Blood. In these museums the tickets can be obtained at special ticket offices for tour guides, marked with the St. Petersburg Card sticker. Card holders are served in the order of arrival, on special occasions tour guides may have priority.

Travelling with children

Price of St Petersburg Card is set on the basis of adult tourist sightseeing cost. All partners of the service have their individual discount policy regarding children, students and other beneficiaries. Therefore, savings with the Card in case of a child may substantially differ depending on the individual route. Anyway, you will be able to buy tickets for your companions without St Petersburg Card in the same ticket office.


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