Mobile Internet for tourists

Russian Travel Sim provides Internet packages for tourists. High-speed Internet makes it possible to stay connected, share your emotions in social media, feel free from any navigation difficulties and enjoy videos online. 

All you need to activate your access is already in the package of St. Petersburg Card, that you receive upon hotel delivery or pick-up at Nevsky Forum hotel

How does it work?

  1. Insert a sim card to your smartphone
  2. Open the browser. Activation page will open automatically
  3. Choose a package
  4. Type necessary information for the prder
  5. Pay for the package with your bank card. No SMS codes required

Once you are successfully connected, feel free to navigate in the Internet. 

Inside the package you will see guidelines in English, Chinese, German, French and Spanish.

Packages and prices

  • 5 GB – 599 RUB
  • 10 GB – 999 RUB
  • 15 GB – 1399 RUB