St. Petersburg Card LiTerra

St. Petersburg Card LiTerra is a new museum card that provides free entry to 11 literature museums of St. Petersburg.

The card is can be purchased online and at St. Petersburg Card office, and also at STN appartments and hotel Indigo.

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St. Petersburg is perfect for diving into Russian literature. It was the city where the most promnent Russian eloctionists lived and worked, a city inhabited by the characters of their novels and poems, a venue for the events that took place in their works.

One not only may be proud of the glory of his forbears, but should do so, any other attitude would be a shameful recreancy.
Alexander Pushkin
We will save you, Russian speech,
The great Russian word.
We'll retain you clear and free,
We'll pass it to our children and save you from capture
Anna Akhmatova
You know, there is a sacred space. A space where a human returns into compassion and spirituality. In the end it's not power that wins, but justice and truth. And that is the miracle of bictory, the love of life and of humankind..
Daniil Granin


2019  is an important year for Russian literature: Alexander Pushkin's 220-th birthday anniversary, Anna Akhmatova's 130-th and Daniil Granin's 100th. This is just a short list of this year's celebrations, but the milestone anniversaries and a good motive to speculate on an important and relevant topic. We invite you to the literature museums of Saint Petersburg. With LiTerra card all of them are open for you.

A unique exposition in the former Prince Volkonsky mansion, where A. Pushkin rented a suite of rooms, displays authentic documents of the XVIII - first half of the XIX cent
The museum-apartment of A. Akhmatova, one of the most acclaimed lyrical poets in Russia. The museum is located in the inner courtyard of Sheremetev Palace
The memorial apartment contains a lot of original furniture and memorabilia related to his work, a place where some of his famous writings were brought to life


The exposition of represents Blok’s poetry in a broad context of Petersburg literary and art life in 1910-1920s. Photos, documents, books and other things related to many famous poets and writers.
Over 200,000 artefacts related to the leading Russian authors of the XVIII - XX centuries: Derzhavin, Zhukovsky, Pushkin, Tourgenev, Dostoevsky and other famous Golden and Silver Age writers
Nekrasov’s personal belongings perfectly preserved the original atmosphere. The place also was frequently visited by L. Tolstoy, I. Turgenev, and other notable writers


Memorial apartment of Mikhail Zoshchenko - one of the most iconic figures in Soviet satire. The exposition tells about other famous literary figures who lived in this house, within the context of XX century Soviet culture.
This beautiful villa on the banks of Fontanka river once belonged to Gavrila Derzhavin - a prominent Russian poet and statesman of the Classicism age. The place used to host meetings of Russian literary and political elite
The exposition is devoted to the history of printing in Russia and features the newspaper-making process. The building housed editorial offices of governmental newspapers and "Pravda"


The Lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo is particularly famous for its first group of students with Alexander Pushkin, Russia's most acclaimed poet among them, as well as some of his devoted friends
A place where the poet happily lived several summer months with his young wife Natalie Goncharova in this small mansion house with well preserved interiors of the 19th century